The greatest Sapphire Crown

The Sapphire Crown boasts one of the greatest honour rolls of any feature race at Sandown Park.

Since becoming a race restricted to females only in 2002, the race has been won by some of the sport’s greatest female sprinters including three that would go on to take their place in the Australian Hall of Fame.

Combined, the field has won 241 races including 13 group 1s – on top of their 9 Sapphire Crowns – and over $3.5m, a phenomenal figure considering many were racing before the major prize money increases of recent years.

But who wins the greatest ever Sapphire Crown? The following field has been compiled based on their overall career record and box drawn into the box in which they won their Sapphire Crown win (or near enough to).

Make sure you vote in our completely unscientific poll below on who you think is the Sapphire Crown’s greatest champion.



1. Cindeen Shelby
Trained by Kel Greenough
Won the 2009 Sapphire Crown from box 1
Career record: 55 starts 32-9-3
Prize money: $443,895
Other group 1 wins: Topgun, Paws of Thunder


2. Queen Lauryn
Trained by Tony Brett
Won the 2008 Sapphire Crown from box 2
Career record: 48 starts 28-7-4
Prize money: $277,185
Other group 1 wins: Brisbane Cup (715m)


3. Neo Cleo
Trained by Robert Britton
Won the 2019 Sapphire Crown from box 6
Career record: 76 starts 35-13-2
Prize money: 432,784
Other group 1 wins: Sale Cup


4. Oakvale Destiny
Trained by Jeff Britton
Won the 2014 Sapphire Crown from box 5
Career record: 53 starts 17-7-9
Prize money: $279,040
Other group 1 wins: Nil, placed in Adelaide Cup and Topgun


5. Paua To Burn
Trained by Steve White
Won 2004 and 2005 Sapphire Crowns from boxes from boxes 8 and 5
Career record: 59 starts 28-8-6
Prize money: $434,705
Other group 1 wins: Golden Easter Egg, Rookie Rebel
Australian Hall Of Fame


6. Xylia Allen
Trained by Graeme Bate
Won 2013 Sapphire Crown from box 6
Career record: 83 starts 40-13-12
Prize money: $743,730
Other group 1 wins: National Sprint, Brisbane Winter Cup
Australian Hall Of Fame


7. Betty’s Angel
Trained by Paul Bartolo
Won 2006 Sapphire Crown from box 7
Career record: 43 starts 20-5-5
Prize money: $441,570
Other group 1 wins: Melbourne Cup, Perth Cup


8. Bogie Leigh
Trained by Tony Brett
Won 2003 Sapphire Crown from box 8
Career record: 68 starts 41-12-5
Prize money: $488,335
Other group 1 wins: Australian Cup, Golden Easter Egg, Brisbane Cup
Australian Hall Of Fame

Who wins the greatest Sapphire Crown of all?
1. Cindeen Shelby
2. Queen Lauryn
3. Neo Cleo
4. Oakvale Destiny
5. Paua To Burn
6. Xylia Allen
7. Betty's Angel
8. Bogie Leigh
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