Launching Pad


The 2017 Launching Pad


Ready to blast off!


The Launching Pad is ready to blast off in 2017!

Key details:

- 80 Entry Forms available for the series

- conducted over three weeks in a heats/semi final/final format
- include a consolation series for greyhounds that finish 4th-6th in their heat
- carry $410,000 in prize money over the three week series

- Over half of those entered will earn prize money!

Click here for the full conditions for the 2017 Launching Pad.


Nominations close at 8am on Monday with heats to be released soon after.



Entry Forms?
To enter the 2017 Launching Pad you must purchase an Entry Form.

Entry Forms will go on sale from the Sandown Greyhounds website from 9.00am on Wednesday 4 January 2017. A maximum of 80 entry forms will be sold, the cost of entry forms is $2000 per form. Full payment must be made at the time of purchase, and entry forms can only be purchased online.


Who can purchase an Entry Form?
Registered trainers, owners and racing bodies can purchase entry forms. The maximum number of entry forms that may be purchased by any individual person, syndicate, club or association (as defined by GRV local rule 28.7) is eight.


Are the Entry Forms transferrable?
Yes. Owners of Entry Forms are welcome to sell those Entry Forms to another registered greyhound body upon completion of the Transfer of Ownership Form (subject to approval from SGRC).

Sandown will assist those looking to buy or sell Entry Forms by providing such information on its website.


What greyhounds are eligible for the series?
Greyhounds with 1-6 wins and no more than 30 starts at the close on nominations are eligible for the series.

At the close of nominations, greyhounds must be nominated with the corresponding Entry Form number.


How much is the series worth?
The 2017 Group 2 Launching Pad series will carry $410,000 in prize money!

Launching Pad
Final – $210,000 (1st: $150,000, 2nd: $40,000, 3rd: $20,000)
Semi Finals – $14,500 (1st: $10,000, 2nd: $3000, 3rd: $1500)
Heats – $10,000 (1st: $7000, 2nd: $2000, 3rd: $1000)

Launching Pad Consolation
Final – $22,000 (1st: $15,000, $4500, $2500)
Heats – $10,000 (1st: $7000, $2000, $1000)
Over half of all greyhounds entered in the series will earn prize money!


What dates do I need to note in my diary?
9.00am Wednesday 4 January 2017 – Entry Forms go on sale
12midday Friday 24 March 2017 – Purchase and transfer of entry forms close
8.00am Monday 27 March 2017 – Nominations close (nominate with Sandown GRC)
Thursday 30 March 2017 – Launching Pad heats
Thursday 6 April 2017 – Launching Pad semi finals and Consolation heats
Thursday 13 April 2017 – Launching Pad and Consolation final


Further information
Contact Michael Floyd
Racing and Media Manager

(03) 9546 9511


Get ready for take-off!