Track details and records

Melb Cup Heat 4 (2) cropped

Track surface: Burrumbeet sand
Lure: Cable lure system with a braking system
Distances Racing over 515m, 595m and 715m
Track circumference: 443m
Radius of turns: 51m
Track width: 7 metres (straights) 8 metres (turns)
Distance of splits:
515m: 72m, 334m
595m: 152m, 414m
715m: 90m, 272m, 533m

Track Records:
515m: 28.790sec Aston Rupee (09/09/21) WATCH
595m: 33.562sec Collinda Patty (28/1/16) WATCH
715m: 41.157sec Here’s Tears (30/1/20) WATCH

Most wins at Sandown Park:
23 – Kareem, African Zulu, Jack

Split Records:
1st – 4.90sec Fernando Bale (07/05/15) and Black Magic Opal (14/11/13)
2nd – 18.36sec Fernando Bale (23/4/15)
1st – 8.96sec Dyna Patty (24/05/19)
2nd – 22.81sec Collinda Patty (15/08/21)
1st – 5.93sec Untapped (19/11/21)
2nd – 15.41sec Zack Monelli (13/5/21)
3rd – 30.02sec Here’s Tears (30/1/20)

Records on old racing surface:
515m: 29.38sec Bond
715m: 41.80sec Total Denial
*The Burrumbeet sand surface and 595m boxes were installed on the circuit in March 2010