Trialling Information

Participants are advised that the club will be testing a new lure design for all trials after the last race on Sundays. This is a GRV initiated trial put forward by the Racing Reference Group.

For further details please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please note that the following policies apply for all trial sessions:

Click here to view our Extreme Heat Policy
Click here to view GRV’s Hot Weather Policy and Guidelines
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Kennels and cool down pool will be open at every session during summer

The club runs two trial sessions each week.

Wednesday afternoon: ARM trials only from 11.00am
Bookings open at 9.00am on the Tuesday prior

Saturday morning: PEN (hoop arm) trials (booked from) 8.20am-7.00am, FIELD trials from 8.20am-8.30am, ARM trials from 8.30am – the last booked trial
Bookings open at 9.00am on the Thursday prior

* Satisfactory trials are conducted after the last race on Sunday afternoon and must be booked through the office on 03 9546 9511. Bookings open at 9.00am on the Thursday prior. A minimum of four greyhounds are required for a satisfactory trial. There is no charge for greyhounds competing in a satisfactory trial. All satisfactory trials will be conducted into the catching pen with the standard race lure.

Conducted over distances 440m and 660m only, greyhounds must be released from designated point.

Arm trials
Greyhounds may catch the lure at the catching pen to exit track at 715m start or be dragged back to 515m starting dist.

All ARM and PEN trials paid for at the track are $10 per trial.
Trials paid for online via FastTrack are $5 per trial.
There is no charge for Saturday field trials and Sunday satisfactory trials.

Please note: Trials over 515m, 595m and 715m only. Please check in at the kennels before heading to the boxes.

*Everyone MUST wear a hi-viz vest provided before entering the track

With the office closed during Saturday trial sessions, please phone 0488 672 952 if you are running late or need to cancel your trials.

For the latest trial times click here.

Trial bookings can be made by calling the office on 03 9546 9511, or through FastTrack.