Johnson reaches pinnacle of short training career

Matt Johnson’s short training career has reached its pinnacle as Poise captured his first city win on Thursday night.

“She’s the first greyhound I’ve trained and this is our first ever city win,” said a proud Johnson.

It comes just two years into his relatively new found passion of training greyhounds. He was introduced to the sport by catching at Warragul. He then developed a friendship with well known Gippsland participants Pearl Terry and Gerrie Sneyders, who gave him the confidence to buy and one day train his first greyhound.

“I just went down to Warragul and started catching, from there Pearl Terry and Gerrie Sneyders helped me out a lot. That was only two years ago.”

Christmas Eve 2017 Johnson enquired about a litter that was up for sale. He fancied the breeding and knew the existing owners. That enquiry resulted in a purchase and pick up on Boxing Day.

“I liked her breeding. I knew the owners and breeders were very good at what they do. I was very nervous at the time, but it was also a good opportunity. It’s all been worth it.”

Johnson wasn’t a total stranger to the sport, he was around greyhounds as a youngster before his family made a life changing move to live in the city.

“We fostered some and my brother owned some race dogs, that was my introduction. I loved having them at home, so I knew if I could get the chance to train later on I would, and I just got lucky and bought this girl.”

His care and passion was evident which will no doubt lead him to a successful career.

“I just have her at home at the moment. I did have another one, but I recently found a good home for her.”

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Poise (2) leads all of the way
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