Split times | All runners – Thursday February 17

Click here for our new home of split times!

Split times and distance covered for all greyhounds who race at Sandown Park are now accessible to everyone.

The IsoLynx system was installed by GRV at Sandown Park in late 2021 – it records positional data of greyhounds via a tracking unit placed at the top of their racing vests.

We’ve worked closely with the Brook Group to tie up loose ends from a formatting point of view and we’re now in a position to publish the data after every race meeting. We hope in time this will be a feature of GRV form guides.

At this stage producing an easy on the eye report is a manual process and we will aim to have it published mid-morning the day following our race meetings.

We welcome all feedback and suggestions – email Jason Adams (jadams@grv.org.au) to have your say.

Click here for last night’s report – splits of all greyhounds who competed on the night

Click here for Sunday’s (20/2) report

So what are these extra splits?

Jump (20 metres)
An indication of how a greyhound has began

Split 1 (72 metres)
Approximately (within 30cm) the current first split/finish post beam

Split 2 (200 metres)
Pole directly behind the outside fence which hangs the catching pen gate

Split 3 (333 metres)
Approximately (within 30cm) the current back split beam

Split 4 (430 metres)
Not long before the 515m boxes

Split 5 (515 metres)
Approximately (within 30cm) the current first split/finish post beam

Yes, times can vary from what’s listed officially.

Given times are being recorded using two different sets of technology (traditional beams + IsoLynx tracking system) there can be minor discrepancies between this set of data and what’s listed on FastTrack. It’s expected that the discrepancies don’t vary more than 0.02 of a second.

The tracking unit is placed at the top of greyhounds’ vest while the beams triggers on the first break which could be a greyhounds head or chest depending on their stage of stride. At the completion of a race the a greyhound’s nose is defined on the photo finish system which often changes the overall time, which most punters know as the ‘amended time’.

Given the system is still in its infancy at a greyhound track occasionly errors happen. From last night’s meeting Arizona Eyes (Race 5) and Starlight Tyson (Race 6) have incorrect jump splits (marked in red on the report) – all errors will continue to be monitored and corrected over time.

Camera upgrades

Over the past two weeks we’ve put to work two new head on cameras – looking down the home straight and around the first turn. They automatically track the lead greyhound using the IsoLynx system.

As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions or questions please feel free to get in touch with us.

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