Greyhounds are My Life

Greyhounds are My Life profiles some of the 17,000 people involved in greyhound racing across Victoria. They come from all walks of life, but are united by their common love of greyhounds and by how they put the welfare of the dogs and the integrity of the sport first and foremost.

Their stories also highlight their connections with their local greyhound racing clubs and how Victoria’s 13 greyhound racing clubs are part of their communities, creating jobs, social and professional networks and supporting local groups and causes.

Profiles are being released before each Club’s annual Cup.

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Pat Ryan and Ian UrenPat Ryan and Ian Uren
Racing Judges

Pat and Ian had known each other for many years at Sandown Greyhound Racing Club but it was only in the last decade that they started working together as racing judges. Despite the technology that’s been introduced over the years, they reckon there’s no substitute for experience, a real feel for what’s happening on the track and a cool head in getting the results out quickly and correctly. Ian and Pat have judged hundreds of races, including many Melbourne and Sandown Cups, and look forward to many more in a job where as Ian says “We’re the only people who get to pick 12 winners every night.”

Met Tochner and Anita SmithMel Tochner and Anita Smith
GAP Co-founders

When Mel and Anita first met each other while both working at the Sandown Veterinary Clinic in the mid-1990s, neither of them imagined they would establish what is now the world’s most successful greyhound re-homing agency, Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP). The first years were a bit of a struggle as Anita and Mel juggled the demands of the growing program with work and raising kids. But now, 21 years after GAP started, they are very proud of what it has achieved and how they’ve helped raise public awareness of what great pets greyhounds make.

Sandown Greyhound Racing Club

Greyhound racing in Springvale dates back to 1935. The Sandown Greyhound Racing Club was formed early in 1956 and commenced racing on 8 September 1956.

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