Cup History

First run in 1956, the Melbourne Cup has has captured the imagination of generations of greyhound racing fans. Its honour roll boasts some of the sport’s greatest champions including Rapid Journey, Highly Blessed, Rookie Rebel, El Grand Senor, Bombastic Shiraz, and Dyna Double One.

In all, 10 Melbourne Cup winners have been named Victorian Greyhounds of the Year (first awarded in 1973) and six are in the Victorian Hall of Fame. Since its establishment in 2002, five Melbourne Cup winners have also been named Australian Greyhounds of the Year and three are in the Australia Hall Of Fame.

To win the Cup is a lifechanging achievement, the pinnacle for any greyhound trainer, owner or breeder. And the financial rewards are befitting such a prestigious achievement – the 2022 edition of the race has $1,000,000 in prize money – a far cry from the £500 first prize (the equivalent to approximately $16,000 in today’s dollars) won by the race’s inaugural winner, Rocketeer.

The 2023 edition of the Melbourne Cup, the 68th renewal of the world’s greatest greyhound race, was run on Saturday 2nd December.

2022Yachi BaleMark Delbridge
2021KoblenzDavid Geall
2020Hard Style RicoLuckie Karabitsakos
2019Whiskey RiotAnthony Azzopardi
2018My RedeemerDavid Geall
2017Aston Dee BeeSeona Thompson
2016Ando's MacJason Mackay
2015Dyna Double OneAndrea Dailly
2014Dyna VillaJenny Hunt
2013Black Magic OpalJason Thompson
2012Got A MomentJason Thompson
2011Dyna TronAndrea Dailly
2010El Grand SenorCarolyn Jones
2009Lord DucalJon Roberts
2008SurgeonDarren McDonald
2007Shanlyn PrinceDarren McDonald
2006Betty's AngelPaul Bartolo
2005Closing ArgumentCameron Taylor
2004HallucinateDarren McDonald
2003Bombastic ShirazDarren Cairns
2002Excite AbilityLen Poore
2001Classic CapriJudy Jayley
2000Go Wild TeddyMark Bell
1999Kantarn BaleGraeme Bate
1998Rapid JourneyJane Curruthers
1997RoanokeeR Green
1996Henry HandD Dean
1995City BlitzPeter Giles
1994Light Of FireJason Thompson
1993Silver ChiselJ Fleming
1992Master GiantPeter Akathiotis
1991Fox HuntPeter Jovanovic
1990Highly BlessedDoug Ferrermi
1989Fair SentenceGraeme Bate
1988HuaR Symes
1987Speedy MickJ Schroeders
1986Legendary KidJim Coleman
1985Sydney DingaanNed Bryant
1984Rustic VenturePeter Denro
1983Lady LillyColin Kelly
1982Kid ScandalReg Johnson
1981Satan's ShroudGraeme Bate
1980Black AztecHarry Sarkis
1979Acclaim StarW A Fletcher
1978TangaloaJoe Hilli
1977MilepostTony Collins
1976Carrington JadeK Murphy
1975Dynamic DeanPaul Hogan
1974Kwik MetalCap Abbott
1973New MarinerR Jennings
1972Gold GrottoEd Tucker
1971Gerard The GentHerb Skiewa
1970Chris Dandy'Alex Kay
1969MilimsimbiStan Cleverley
1968Mr SpotT Rowland
1967Swan OpalN Ballinger
1966Cheltenham LassPaul Hogan
1965Kinta's SonBob Bowman
1964Rocket StreakFred Ladd
1963SaskaviewArthur Ludlow
1962SaskagayArthur Ludlow
1961BybraeA Bate
1960Chief RaneeM Hammond
1959Capital KingF Garbutt
1958Marine JetG Fraser
1957Rookie RebelW Hopper
1956RocketeerE Patterson