Launching Pad reaches new heights

The Launching Pad series returns in 2022 and for the first time will carry over $460,000 in prize money.

It’s up from last year’s purse of $420,000 with additional prize money largely allocated to Launching Pad heats and heats of the ‘Runway’ – the consolation series.

“It’s had many changes over the years but has always been a popular series that’s seen some superstars go through it. It’s unique and gives participants with greyhounds of limited experience the chance to win good prize money,” said Neil Brown, Chairman of Sandown Greyhounds.

The Launching Pad is a sweepstakes series and the cost to purchase a slot is $2050. Any registered participant, syndicate, club or association has the opportunity to get involved.

“One of the great things about the series is that you don’t need to have your own greyhound to be a part of it. Any participant can buy a slot, go chasing their own representative and create a deal with connections.”

Eligibility remains the same being greyhounds who have had 1-6 wins and no more than 30 starts. The Launching Pad kicks off on Thursday March 31 with the final on Thursday April 14 where the winner will take home $150,000 and a service to last year’s Launching Pad champion Kuro Kismet.

Launching Pad entries will go on sale Friday (January 28) at 12pm.

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Launching Pad
Final – $220,000 (1st: $150,000, 2nd: $40,000, 3rd: $20,000, 4th: $10,000)
Semi Finals – $15,250 (1st: $10,000, 2nd: $3000, 3rd: $1500, 4th $750)
Heats – $12,600 (1st: $8400, 2nd: $2400, 3rd: $1200, 4th: $600)

Launching Pad Consolation
For greyhounds that finish 3rd and 4th in their semi-final
Final – $22,000 (1st: $15,000, 2nd: $4000, 3rd: $2000, 4th: $1000)

Runway (Consolation Series)
Maximum of three heats will be run, as determined by the greyhound’s finishing position in the heats
Final – $22,000 (1st: $15,000, 2nd: $4000, 3rd: $2000, 4th: $1000)
Heats – $12,600 (1st: $8400, 2nd: $2400, 3rd: $1200, 4th: $600)

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