THR33 Series to kick off Sunday

A new racing opportunity called the THR33 Series has been programmed at Sandown Park.

The first of two series kicks off this Sunday with the opening edition for greyhounds of 275+ ranking and a minimum of 10 starts – maidens are ineligible. The concept builds on the existing Grassroots Regional Championships and the Battlers Cup at Bendigo – final to be run this Saturday on Bendigo Cup night.

“It’s crucial for the sport to encourage racing over ‘500’ metres and further. Racing at this level is typically seen over shorter distances so we’re excited to see these feature events over more ground,” said Adrian Scott, CEO of Sandown Park.

Not only is it an opportunity over the city sprint distance but also a chance to win prize money in excess of what greyhounds at this level would typically race for.

“I’ve got no doubt the series stood out on the calendar to trainers with greyhounds that meet the criteria. We thank GRV for their support towards the series and look forward to Sunday’s heats.”

Nominations close for the opening THR33 Series this Thursday at 9.30am with GRV.

Both series will be backed by Toongabbie Lodge. Runners 5th-8th in the final of each series will receive a $150 voucher to the Sandown Vet Clinic.

THR33 Series 1
Conditions: 515m, 275+ Rank, Minimum of 10 starts, Maidens ineligible
Heats: Sunday October 17, $2500 – $700 – $350 – $175
Final: Monday October 25, $6000 – $1800 – $900 – $450
Consolation (9th to 16th qualifiers): Sunday October 27, $2500 – $700 – $350 – $175

THR33 Series 2
Conditions: 515m, Tier 3, Minimum of 10 starts, Maidens ineligible
Heats: Sunday November 7, $2500 – $700 – $350 – $175
Final: Sunday November 14, $6000 – $1800 – $900 – $450
Consolation (9th to 16th qualifiers): Sunday October 27, $2500 – $700 – $350 – $175

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