Dead heat means mates hold side bet

Three days after combining to win the group 1 Hume Cup with Black Impala, good friends Glenn Dainton and Joe Borg were forced to share celebrations again as they dead-heated in a TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude last night.

They each had one greyhound engaged in the meeting, featuring in the same race and drawn side-by-side in boxes 7 and 8.

With the wide draws unsuitable on paper, the pair decided to have a ‘sizeable’ bet as to who would finish ahead.

“It didn’t matter if we finished 7th or 8th, it was whoever finished in front of the other,” explained Borg.

Waleonjon (trained by Dainton) took the lead of the race in the final few strides, but out of nowhere Myrniong Corner (trained by Borg) launched late.

Judges took what seemed like an eternity to make their decision, eventually announcing that the two couldn’t be separated.

“I think the 7 (Waleonjon) did win, but I’m not sure,” joked Dainton.

But, what happens to their bet?

“We’ve dead heated, so what happens now? I think we just keep it in our pocket.

“We shared the prize money on Monday, now we’re sharing it again, this time with two different dogs. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

“Who’d have thought that’d happen, never in a million years. We were having a bit of fun and enjoying ourselves, we were laughing at the boxes.”

Both Waleonjon and Myrniong Corner are set to line up in next Friday night’s TAB Melbourne Cup heats.

The dead heat was the second at Sandown Park this year after Elevated and Boomer Blitz couldn’t be separated on 18 March. It was the eighth dead heat at Sandown Park in the last decade.

Earlier in the night Orson Allen was sensational taking out the $25,000 winner-take-all Shootout. Click here for details and click here for a summary of last night’s fourth and final TAB Melbourne Cup Prelude Series.

Waleonjon (7) and Myrniong Corner (8) dead heat
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